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Housing and Economic Research

Original research and analysis on housing trends, the economy and the mortgage market

  • Where do the Service Workers In San Francisco Live?

    Recently, I was in San Francisco on family business, and I took several taxi rides. Without exception, the drivers voiced the same two complaints: competition from Uber and... More

    Where do the Service Workers In San Francisco Live?
  • How Affordability Affects Housing's Spring Season

    Recent indications of stronger growth convinced the Federal Reserve to raise the Federal funds rate this month and to signal further increases later this year. More

    How Affordability Affects Housing's Spring Season
  • Reflation & the Housing Market

    Recent reports indicate that consumer price inflation is rising, reigniting the reflation debate—whether or not we are shifting from a world of low consumer price inflation to one... More

    Reflation & the Housing Market
  • Can I Age in Place?

    Older Americans overwhelmingly prefer to age in place. According to our recent survey of the 55 plus population, nearly two thirds of older homeowners want to remain in... More

    Can I Age in Place?
  • Multifamily 2017 Outlook: Positioned for Further Growth

    The multifamily market has enjoyed several years of rapid growth and seems poised to continue to grow in 2017, although at a more moderate pace. More

    Multifamily 2017 Outlook: Positioned for Further Growth
  • Grappling with Uncertainty

    The U.S. economy is now in its eighth year of expansion and the housing market is coming off its best year in a decade. Prospects remain good for future growth. More

    Grappling with Uncertainty

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