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Build Your Purchase Market

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Energize your purchase market in 2014 with Freddie Mac's comprehensive support and smart solutions. Check out our newly updated Purchase Market Resource Center to learn more about the tools and resources that will help you reach more potential homebuyers, including first-time and low-to moderate income borrowers.

What's New?

We've enhanced our Purchase Market Resource Center to reflect today's marketplace – one with more underwriting requirements and greater complexity. Take advantage of our latest Home Possible® Mortgages materials including live webinars, a new online tutorial, and fact sheets that highlight why Home Possible continues to be a stable, competitive mortgage solution. Our first-time homebuyer marketing tools and educational resources will help you create sustainable financing options for your borrowers.

To help you meet your borrower's needs, we've organized the information into five categories, including a new Discover Affordable Lending Opportunities section:

  • Reach First-Time Homebuyers
  • Discover Affordable Lending Opportunities (NEW)
  • Explore Down Payment Assistance Options
  • Help Homeowners Sell and Buy a Home
  • Navigate the Short Sale Purchase Process

Your Single Source for Marketing and Educational Materials

The Purchase Market Resource Center houses all collateral, tools, resources and links that will help you reach, educate, and market to more borrowers. Below are just a few examples of information you'll find:

  • Information and Training: Learn about our affordable lending offerings to help more buyers realize the dream of homeownership. With this information you can get homebuyers in the right home with the right loan.
    • Home Possible Mortgages – Your Affordable Lending Solution Tutorial. Use our new interactive 15-minute tutorial that walks through the eligibility requirements and program benefits and features, including flexible sources of funding.

    • Condominiums. Consider condominiums – often a good option for first-time homebuyers. And with recent updates to the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide, you have simplified and concise information on our condominium requirements.

    • Manufactured homes are another good option to expand homeownership opportunities. We are committed to purchasing mortgages secured by manufactured homes to help qualified borrowers buy homes they can afford and keep.

  • Educational materials: Get the Facts on Homeownership is a customizable set of tools for workshops to dispel common myths about homeownership and give borrowers the confidence they need to take the next step in buying a home.

  • Marketing resources: Customizable flyers and brochures in English and Spanish, such as Your Step-by-Step Mortgage Guide and Sources You Can Tap to Fill Your Down Payment Gap, will help you reach more borrowers with information about the homebuying process and flexible mortgage options.

Freddie Mac remains committed to your long-term success and is continually updating its suite of tools with smart solutions to support your unique business needs. Visit the Purchase Market Resource Center today for the latest information on Freddie Mac products, training, and resources to help you grow your business.

For More Information

  • Contact 800-FREDDIE or your Account Executive.
  • Read our Executive Perspectives to gain insights on four homeownership myths that may keep some potential homebuyers from purchasing a home.

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