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Top 5 Resources to Keep You in the Know

April 8, 2015

These top 5 resources make it easier for you to do business with us and keep you in the know about Freddie Mac:

  • Summary of Upcoming Requirement Changes: Our "at-a-glance" summary gives you a quick review of effective dates for upcoming Selling and Servicing requirements and operational changes announced through Guide Bulletins and Single-Family Update emails.

  • Single-Family Week in Review: Sign up and receive an email every Monday morning with a recap of the previous week's Freddie Mac Single-Family Update news – including information on product offerings, technology updates, training opportunities, and requirement changes. Sign up on the Subscription Center on

  • Weekly Economic Update: This one-page snapshot from our Chief Economist has information about the economic health of the mortgage industry, mortgage rates, housing starts, commentary on builder confidence and other topics. Find it on our Economic & Housing Research Web page.

  • Tips for using the Guide on Check out the AllRegs® User Guide for information on Guide layout and features, search functions for effective dates and revision histories, and links to Guide Bulletins. You can also view the short tutorial, Quick Tips on Guide Features, to learn how to use the Guide and review Guide language for past, existing, and future requirements.

  • Historical Guide Snapshots: Review PDF files that reflect requirements on specific Guide Bulletin publication dates. For each snapshot, there are two files: 1) all Guide Bulletins and Industry Letters published since the date of the last snapshot and 2) all chapters of the Guide, the Directory, the Glossary, all Guide forms, and all Guide exhibits as they were published on the date of the specified Guide Bulletin. (Find all our Guide resources on the Guide and Forms page on

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