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Loan Advisor SuiteSM: Smart. Simple. Trusted.SM

November 4, 2015

What is Loan Advisor Suite? It's the new, end-to-end technology solution we’ve been building over the past year to give you a better and less costly way to originate and deliver high-quality mortgages to Freddie Mac.

Loan Advisor Suite will make it easier for you to navigate through the loan production process, while providing valuable insight into rep and warranty relief earlier in the loan production process. As an end-to-end solution, it addresses the gamut of loan manufacturing: credit, capacity, collateral, confirmation/validation, quality and coverage.

Loan Advisor Suite will:

  • Give insight into quality, risk and purchase requirements.
  • Provide clear, actionable feedback during the mortgage production process.
  • Flag issues so they can be fixed throughout the process.
  • Work with your existing processes so you can address valuation issues prior to loan delivery.
  • Help cut the cost of producing and selling high-quality loans to Freddie Mac.
  • Eliminate guesswork, increase confidence and reduce risk.

Technology Integration

The Suite will integrate familiar Freddie Mac applications, including Loan Prospector®, Loan Quality Advisor®, Loan Coverage Advisor® and the Selling SystemSM. It also will include our new application Loan Collateral AdvisorSM, which will help lenders conduct appraisal quality reviews by identifying issues earlier in the process, so underwriters can fix them before the loan is delivered to us.

"We are developing Loan Advisor Suite through a lender's lens to make it easier for our customers to do better business with Freddie Mac," says Andy Higginbotham, Senior Vice President of Single-Family Strategic Delivery at Freddie Mac and chief architect of the Suite. “The Suite is based on the needs of lenders and industry vendors whom we’ve been working with since day one of development. The result is a powerful suite of integrated applications to make it simpler for our customers to originate high quality mortgages that meet Freddie Mac requirements."

Smart. Simple. Trusted.

Loan Advisor Suite is the future of how we’ll do better business together and exemplifies the Freddie Mac commitment to providing you with easy-to-use technology. It launches in 2016.

Learn More

  • Read the press release.
  • Visit the Loan Advisor Suite Web page, where you can watch a brief video and subscribe to receive updates on the Suite.

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