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Cash Servicing-Released: Fast Funding, Increased Liquidity

March 24, 2016

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If you're currently selling loans to Freddie Mac for cash servicing-released, you already know that you can maximize the value of your servicing asset – and have more cash on hand when you sell loans to us.

If you're not familiar with selling loans to us for cash servicing-released, our execution enables you to optimize the all-in value you receive for your fixed-rate mortgages – whether 30-, 20- and 15-year – and Guaranteed Rural Housing loans.

We provide competitive servicing-released premiums from five servicing buyers, which help you get the best all-in price.

Our competitive cash execution offers you the option to sell one, a few or many loans for cash, and release your servicing to improve liquid assets and fund more mortgages.

Depending on the timing of good delivery and Note certification, your mortgages could be funded as fast as same day.

Get more information about this option on the Cash Servicing-Released Execution Web page.

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