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Payup Offerings Expanded to Help Maximize Your Return

February 8, 2018

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Looking to improve your "best ex" for cash and maximize your return for loans with low balances? We'll pay up for your fixed-rate mortgages, whether you're originating regular loans with low loan balances (LLBs) or loans that meet your Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) obligations.

Through our cash payups, you can get premium pricing for loans with specified attributes, eligibility for commitment periods up to 60 days, and more earnings on your CRA originations. Find more information on eligible and ineligible mortgages, general requirements, and other related details here.

Our sixth LLB attribute is brand-new as of February 1, 2018. Now you can get a cash payup for 30-year fixed rate mortgages with original balances that are>$175,000 and < $200,000. (For now, you'll need to follow the manual trade process to take advantage of this new payup offering.)

How Do LLB Cash Payups Work?

Start by taking out a cash contract in Freddie Mac Loan Selling AdvisorSM. To receive your adjusted contract price, use the Cash Specified Pool Indicator and Cash Specified Pool Type fields and allocate your LLB loans the same way you do for other loans you sell to us.

To ensure Loan Selling Advisor prices your contracts accurately, remember to include the applicable Investor Feature Identifier (IFI) with your loan delivery data. (Otherwise, Loan Selling AdvisorSM won't price the loan with the payup.) The payup will be applied as a delivery fee credit once an eligible loan is allocated to an applicable cash commitment.

Our cash-specified payup tables in Loan Advisor Suite are updated daily and made available in PDF and XML formats. The cash payup indicators are reflected in basis points, across different amortization periods (30-, 20- and 15-year), and for various note ranges.

Start taking advantage of our cash payup opportunities now. Get helpful instructions and tips on selling and delivering mortgages through the LLB cash-specified pool offering here.

What About Non-LLB Cash Payups?

Pricing for non-LLB cash payups is contracted through a manual spot bid process for the following specified attributes:

  • Property is in New York
  • Borrower FICO® score is <700
  • Investor
  • Super conforming mortgages
  • 10-year mortgages

While you can view our payup indicators for these loan attributes in Loan Selling Advisor, you'll need to submit a pricing request and certain loan-level data to the Freddie Mac Cash Desk by 4:15 p.m. EST to receive a contract price based on the day's cash payup levels.

What's Next for our Cash Payup Offering?

We're working on automating the contract pricing for the new $200K LLB attribute and all non-LLB attributes in Loan Selling Advisor so you'll have greater efficiency in making your best execution decisions. We'll inform you once this Loan Selling Advisor enhancement is available.  


  • Check out the FAQs.
  • Contact your Freddie Mac representative.

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