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Become a Seller/Servicer

Become a Seller/Servicer

The links below will help you learn how to apply to become a Freddie Mac customer. As a Freddie Mac customer you’ll have a solid set of mortgage products for your borrowers, technology solutions that help streamline your processes, and servicing solutions for assisting homeowners. We look forward to working with you to help your business grow.

Apply to Become a Freddie Mac Single-Family Customer

1) Fill out the Required Application Documents Checklist.
Use the Required Application Documents checklist to mark off each document as you collect and submit them through the online "Become a Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer" portal. Open the PDF, fill it out online, and save it; or print it and fill it out manually.

2) Determine Eligibility.
To be considered for approval as a Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer, be sure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

3) Fill out the Pre-Application Form.
If you have met the minimum eligibility requirements, complete the pre-application form to receive an ID and password, which you’ll need to access your customized application kit. NOTE: To ensure the form submits properly, be sure to put text in each field on the form.

4) Fill out the Online Application.
After you’ve submitted the pre-application form, you should receive your ID and password by email within two days.

When you have your ID and password, complete your customized online application. Your password is for the online application only. If you need to reset it, contact 800-FREDDIE.

Approved Customers – Get Started

As an approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer, take advantage of the following resources that will help you get ready to do business with us:

The Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) contains Freddie Mac's selling and servicing requirements. AllRegs® offers the official electronic version of the Guide. Take advantage of the following resources to learn more about using the Guide:

We have designed several different curriculums to help you navigate recommended training for every phase of the secondary mortgage process, regardless of your role or function. Click and sign in to begin your recommended training path(s):

Reporting Requirements

If you're an approved Seller/Servicer, you must submit Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) Form 16SF annually and Guide Form 1107SF if there are institutional changes to your organization. In order to submit these forms or access your representation and warranty unpaid balance principal (R&W UPB), request a registration code. Once you receive your registration code, enter the code to receive a personal user ID and password via email. Use this information to submit your Guide Forms 16SF and 1107SF, or access your R&W UPB.

Forget your user ID and/or password?

Form 16SF
Completion of the Annual Eligibility Certification Report is a requirement defined by Guide Section 2101.10.

Form 1107SF
The Seller/Servicer Change Notification Form must be submitted to report institutional changes per Guide Sections 2101.12-2101.14.

Representation & Warranty Unpaid Principal Balance (R&W UPB) Inquiry
The R&W UPB is a component of the Acceptable Net Worth requirement as outlined in Guide Section 2101.2. The R&W UPB generated by this tool is based on the information in our systems as of the date of the calculation, and it may change as new information becomes available to Freddie Mac.

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Requirements Once You've Established a Custodial Account
All active Freddie Mac Servicers with at least one mortgage in their portfolio must use an eligible depository for principal/interest and escrow accounts and must submit completed Letter Agreement(s) (add link) to Freddie Mac when establishing such custodian account (s). To make it easier for you to submit the Letter Agreements, we've created new, step-by-step instructions for you. For more information on custodian accounts, read our Single-Family News Center article.

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