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Form 16SF/Form 1107SF/Rep & Warrant UPB

If you're an approved Seller/Servicer, you must submit Form 16SF annually and Form 1107SF if there are institutional changes to your organization. In order to submit these forms or access your representation and warranty unpaid balance principal (UPB), you must request a registration code. Once you receive your registration code, you will enter the code to receive a personal user ID and password via email. Use this information to submit your Form 16SF and Form 1107, or access your representation and UPB.

Forget your user ID and/or password?

Form 16SF   Form 1107SF
Completion of the Annual Eligibility Certification Report is a requirement defined by Section 2101.10 of the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.   The Seller/Servicer Change Notification Form must be submitted whenever institutional changes occur per Sections 2101.12-2101.14 of the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.

Representation & Warranty Unpaid Principal Balance (R&W UPB) Inquiry
The R&W UPB is a component of the Acceptable Net Worth requirement as outlined in Guide Section 2101.2. The R&W UPB generated by this tool is based on the information our systems have as of the date of the calculation. It is subject to change as new information becomes available to Freddie Mac.

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