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Freddie Mac Single-Family Duty to Serve

Supporting Affordable Housing Preservation

Maintaining home affordability and reducing housing costs.

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Yes, we need more affordable homes. But we also need to keep those we do have affordable, for initial and subsequent buyers and reduce housing cost. Affordable housing preservation helps us do that.

One-time investment creates affordable homeownership for borrowers with low or moderate income.


Community Land

Upgrading to energy-efficient features can reduce energy costs and help preserve affordability.


Check out our GreenCHOICE MortgagesSM product

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Leveraging our infrastructure, expertise, resources and experience to further support the preservation of affordable housing.

  • Did you know?

    Heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy use in a typical home

  • Did you know?

    GreenCHOICE Mortgages will help preserve homeownership affordability by supporting home improvements that reduce utility costs

  • Did you know?

    Shared equity homeowners were 10 times less likely to be in foreclosure than homeowners in the conventional market

  • Did you know?

    79 percent of community land trust borrowers are first-time home buyers

What's New

Greenchoice mortgage

GreenCHOICE MortgagesSM Overview:

Energy efficiency upgrades can help homeowners save money and be more comfortable in their homes.

Want to Recruit More Lenders to Your CLT Programs?

Want to Recruit More Lenders to Your CLT Programs?

Listen to our three-part video series.

Energy Efficiency Guide Update

Energy Efficiency Guide Update

GreenCHOICE MortgagesSM: Our solution for energy-efficient home improvements.

Community Land Trust Overview

Community Land Trusts

Making and Keeping Homes Affordable

  • "First-time home buyers, current homeowners and buyers with low- and moderate- incomes now have a way to lower their monthly utility cost. GreenCHOICE MortgagesSM offers sellers, buyers and homeowners a financing option to upgrade the energy and water efficiency of their 1- to 4- unit, condominium or 1 to 4-unit single-family home. Energy efficiency is a feature that has been long overlooked. The more efficient our buildings are, the fewer natural resources we use. "


    Sandra K. Adomatis
    SRA, Adomatis Appraisal Service

  • " GreenCHOICE MortgagesSM allows people to upgrade their homes without downsizing their bank account. The result is more comfort and true affordability."


    Jacob Corvidae
    Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

  • "The Florida Housing Coalition is elated that Freddie Mac will now purchase loans made with community land trusts and other shared equity models. The ability of lenders to sell such loans in the secondary market is key to bringing community land trusts to scale. Having Freddie Mac in this space, with its additional products available to lenders, will only serve to further strengthen and grow the market for these loans."


    Ashon J. Nesbitt
    Technical Advisor and Research Analyst, Florida Housing Coalition, Tallahassee, FL

  • "Offerings that bolster shared equity homeownership in hot real estate markets like Washington, DC, are essential to preserving the ability its residents to remain and flourish. Our collaboration with Freddie Mac to develop a product in support of a community land trust in the historic Anacostia neighborhood, and Wards 7 and 8 in Washington, DC, will pave the way for a model that can be replicated in similar geographic areas across the country."


    Ginger Rumph
    Executive Director, Douglass Community Land Trust, City First Homes, Washington, DC

  • "Shared equity homeownership is the only homeownership model that preserves the affordability of owner-occupied homes for multiple generations, improving communities through investment, empowerment and lasting affordability. Our collaboration with Freddie Mac on their offering addresses the biggest challenges facing our network membership: establishing the standards required for greater mortgage lender adoption of shared equity homeownership."


    Tony Pickett
    CEO, Grounded Solutions Network

  • "Community land trust (CLT) homeownership is in demand due to rising land costs and gentrifying redevelopment. Freddie Mac's multifaceted initiative supporting CLT stewardship will enable hundreds of renters to enter the homeownership market and bring CLT lending to scale."


    Jaimie Ross
    CEO, Florida Housing Coalition, Tallahassee, FL


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