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Contract Extension Fees for Best Efforts Cash Contracts

When you use Loan Selling Advisor® to sell loans for Cash and select best efforts (servicing-released or retained), you get the benefits of a securities execution without the additional considerations of a swap. You can extend your expiration date for a fee at any time prior to funding, as long as the loan is not set for funding. You're also allowed a maximum of two extensions per contract.

Freddie Mac will charge a contract extension fee based on the length of the extension period. Extension fees are subject to change without notice, and we'll communicate any future fee changes as needed.

Below you'll find a listing of the current Best Efforts Cash contract extension fees through Loan Selling Advisor:

Best Efforts Cash Contract Extension Fees
Extension Period
(calendar days)
5 days (minimum) 7.5 bps
6 – 10 days 15 bps
11 – 15 days 22.5 bps
16 – 30 days 45 bps

* Last Updated: January 10, 2011

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