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Expense Manager

A Daily Electronic Status Report of Your Default Management Expense Reimbursement Requests

Expense ManagerSM provides you with an electronic status report of your default management expense reimbursement requests (Form 104SF, Statement of Loan, Workout and REO Expenses and Income and Form 104DC, Designated Counsel/Trustee).  By logging into our private network and navigating to the easy-to-find Expense Manager site, you can obtain daily updates of detailed information about specific reimbursement requests.

Key Features

  • Available online
  • Daily updates of detailed information about specific reimbursement requests
  • Downloadable data for better analysis

Servicer Benefits

With Expense Manager, you can reduce the amount of time spent following up on reimbursement requests, as well as perform the following activities: 

  • Analyze where your costs are incurred
  • Solve problems with reimbursement requests
  • Reduce the number of follow-up calls on the status of your 104SF and 104DC
  • Manage credit losses better
  • Import data, giving you added flexibility when viewing and analyzing loan-level detail
  • Download data and automatically compare your data with ours, making it easier to correct and synchronize both sets of data

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