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REO Manager

Online Information About your Real Estate Owned Portfolio

REO Manager® enables you to check the status of your Freddie Mac REO portfolio and get valuable information about specific REO properties, all online via our network.  REO Manager's intended users are the managers who need portfolio level information on a daily basis.

Key Features

  • Receive daily data on MI claims
  • Obtain REO property information and status when you need it
  • Extract data to file timely expense reimbursement claims

Servicer Benefits

When you use REO Manager, you can

  • View and download REO portfolio summary and detailed data
  • View and download REO mortgage insurance (MI) claims now due and past due
  • Work from the same data files that Freddie Mac staff view
  • Obtain the following loan-level reports
    • REO Portfolio Summary
    • REO Portfolio Detail
    • REO MI Claims Now Due
    • REO MI Claims Past Due
  • Obtain the following information from reports
    • Real estate broker contact information
    • Occupancy status
    • Settlement date
    • Mortgage insurance claim file date
    • Attorney contact information
    • Property status (not listed, listed, or sold)
    • Date of Property Condition Certificate (PCC)
    • Credit enhancement information, if applicable
  • Find out whether a property has been sold so you'll know when to file expense reimbursement Form 104SF

For More Information

For more information about REO Manager contact:

  • Call (800) FREDDIE
  • Contact a Freddie Mac servicing representative

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