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Workout Manager

Analyze Your Pending and Completed Workouts Online

Workout Manager ® enables you to analyze your entire portfolio of pending and completed workouts online. Workout Manager offers managers summary data garnered from Workout Prospector®'s loan-level information. Workout Manager's intended users are the managers who need portfolio level information on a daily basis.

Key Features

  • Receive daily data on all of your pending and completed workouts
  • Spot delays and take quick corrective action
  • Extract data to support business decisions and monthly reporting

Servicer Benefits

When you use Workout Manager, you can

  • Receive and view workout data daily so you have the most complete and up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Work from the same data files that Freddie Mac staff view.
  • Spot problems sooner and increase the probability of successful completion of a workout.
  • Gain deeper insight into workout performance, enabling you to take corrective action before impacting your Servicer Performance Profile.
  • Use data in conjunction with your Servicer Performance Profile to report information up to your company executives as part of the monthly reporting.
  • Quickly and easily extract the data necessary to support business decisions.

Borrower Benefits

When you use Workout Manager, the daily workout information you have access to can help you spot problems sooner and increase the probability of successful completion of a workout, helping more borrowers become long-term homeowners or avoid foreclosure. Borrowers benefit through servicing processes that are as efficient, effective and consistent as possible. Like our commitment to making affordable mortgage credit available in all communities at all times, Freddie Mac is committed to helping borrowers sustain homeownership and avoid foreclosure. One of the ways we deliver on that commitment is by developing cutting-edge management tools that enable you to work effectively and efficiently with defaulted borrowers. Our default management applications help you make decisions that are timely, objective, consistent, and take in all available options.

For More Information

  • Call (800) FREDDIE
  • Contact a Freddie Mac servicing representative

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