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Sign Up for Cash Remittance

Freddie Mac Servicers can use our on-line automated cash remittance system to remit Principal & Interest and payoff proceeds (including short payoffs, third-party foreclosure sale proceeds, and repurchase proceeds) to us through our service provider, Global Payments Inc. (GPI), in addition to the touch-tone phone system. Use the form below to sign up to receive a PIN for access to the online system.

You will also need access to Service Loans application to access GPI online. If you have not signed up for Service Loans application, you may sign up online.

Fields marked with * are required

I. Contact Information

Does your company currently remit funds to us through the automated cash remittance system?

II. Custodial Account Information

To use the cash remittance system, customers must have bank account information on file with Freddie Mac. Please see Section 8302.7 of the Single Family Seller/Servicer Guide for specific requirements about how to initiate remittances.

If you are a new user signing up, or an existing user who needs to update account information, please fax the following documents to Institutional Eligibility at 1-866-743-0087 and follow up with the originals to Freddie Mac, 1551 Park Run Drive, MS D3A McLean, VA 22102. Please note, the account titling you choose on the letter agreement MUST be the same that appears on the signature card and bank statement:

Please allow at least 15 business days for us to process a change.

III. Access Method

IV. Additional Information

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