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Guarantor Pricing and Contracting in the Selling System®

Your one-stop shop for your contract needs

From start to finish, use the Selling System® to manage all aspects of pricing your Guarantor and MultiLender contracts.


  • Fast and easy access to all of your pricing information – all in one location.
  • Multiple users can view and print pricing information at the same time using the Rate Sheet Results screen.
  • Option to export your Guarantor pricing in XML format, which may be directly uploaded into your pricing or best execution systems.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Ability to price multiple contracts with the import contracts feature, saving time and eliminating errors.

Training and Resources

Use the following resources to guide you through the Guarantor and MultiLender pricing process:

  • Terminology Changes. In April 2017 we enhanced the Selling System and updated some of our terminology to align with the system’s new capabilities. The following terminology changes are outlined in Guide Bulletin 2017-2
    • Credit Fee in Yield (Formerly Required Spread/Gfee).
    • Credit Fee in Price (Formerly delivery fees).

  • Field Name Changes. In April 2017 we updated Selling System field names. For a list of these changes, review our Guarantor and MultiLender New and Changed Data Fields Job Aid.

Technical Specifications & Resources

Export Guarantor Rate Sheet XML Format Interface Specification.
Use these specifications to develop the Export Guarantor Rate Sheet interface between your system and the Selling System. Use these options to open this specification.

Import Guarantor Contracts XML Format Interface Specification Manual. UPDATED DECEMBER 1, 2017
Use these specifications to develop the import guarantor contracts interface between your system and the Selling System.

Implementation Guide for Selling System Export – Sellers.
This specification describes the changes to new and existing export file datasets and formats that are available from the Selling System.

XML Schema Definitions (XSD files)

Use the XSD files to better understand the XML structures. Ensure your XML documents conform to the requirements of the related technical specifications.

Export Guarantor Rate Sheet XSDs:

Import Guarantor Contracts XSD:


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