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Historical Guide Snapshots

These snapshots reflect the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide ("Guide") requirements as of the specified Guide Bulletin publication dates.

For each snapshot, there are two comprehensive files: one contains all of the Guide Bulletins and Industry Letters published since the date of the last snapshot, and the other contains all chapters of the Guide, the Directory, the Glossary, all Guide forms, and all Guide exhibits as they were published on the date of the specified Guide Bulletin.

Legal Disclaimer – Not an Official Guide Version

The Guide is amended from time to time throughout the year, and these snapshots must be read in conjunction with all applicable Guide Bulletins. Freddie Mac provides these snapshots as a convenience to our Seller/Servicers; they are not official versions of the Guide. The Seller/Servicer is responsible for compliance with the official Guide and Guide Bulletins containing specific Guide changes with corresponding effective dates, as posted on the AllRegs® web site of Mortgage Resource Center, Inc. (MRC).

Official Electronic Version of the Guide

The official electronic version of the Guide is available free of charge through the "AllRegs" link on the following web page:

Historical Guide Snapshot PDFs

Snapshot of Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide published September 15, 2014

Snapshot of Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide published June 24, 2014

Snapshot of Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide published March 28, 2014





Tips for Using Historical Guide Snapshots


Beginning with the March 28, 2014 snapshot, highlighted titles and effective dates listed in the Table of Contents and of each chapter, section, form, exhibit, Directory or Glossary (each a "provision") indicate that the provision has been updated since the date of the last snapshot. Highlighting within the provision indicates additions made to that provision and may reflect multiple updates.

Note: Minor changes, such as grammatical and formatting revisions, are not highlighted. Highlighting is not included for deleted text within the provision. When there were only deletions made to a provision, only the provision's title and effective date are highlighted. Additionally, if only the provision's title and/or effective date were revised, only the provision's title and effective date are highlighted.

Current and Future Versions, Different Effective Dates

The Guide files below represent a "snapshot" of the Guide as of a specified Guide Bulletin publication date. Certain provisions may have had effective dates that are effective after the date of the snapshot. If both current and future effective versions of a provision had been published by the date of the snapshot, all of those versions are included in the file.

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