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Home Possible Marketing Materials

Get a jump start on your consumer marketing efforts with our Home Possible® marketing materials. We've included everything you need, from layout and design to printing specs. Just download the materials and customize them with your own contact information and logo.

Materials for borrowers

Let borrowers know that you offer Home Possible Mortgages by customizing these materials with your institution's name and logo and using the materials to:

  • run ads in local papers and magazines
  • hand out flyers at home fairs, community events

Note: By downloading and using these templates you agree to the terms of use.

Looking for a zero down payment mortgage?

"Looking for a responsible, low down payment mortgage?"

For first-time homebuyers and low- and moderate-income borrowers.

Download the brochure (final size: 4" x 9"):

Tell your landlord you're tired of throwing your money away.

For borrowers who want to go from renting to homeownership.

Download the ad:

Buy a home in the community you serve.

For borrowers who work in service professions, such as teachers, firefighters and police officers.

Download the ad:

We support your efforts to protect our communities and want you to make your home here.

For military personnel interested in buying a home in your community.

Download the ad:

Materials for brokers and real estate professionals

To promote Home Possible Mortgages with brokers and real estate professionals in your community, use these two-sided 8.75" x 5.75" postcards.

Download Postcard for Brokers

Download Postcard for Real Estate Professionals

Download Postcard for Brokers

Download Postcard for Real Estate Professionals

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