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In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Build these 6 daily "musts" into your routine to help your real estate sales grow and prosper

6 Daily "Musts" to Help Grow Your Sales

Looking for tips to help grow your real estate sales? Heed the advice of a real estate pro with nearly 20 years of success. Linda Allison, ABR, GRI – a real estate broker in North Carolina who built her own successful agency before joining a larger firm – provides 6 daily "musts" to help you thrive in real estate. Her most crucial advice? Be flexible and responsive to unanticipated opportunities – and set a daily routine. Yes, daily routines are essential.

Click on each daily "must" to see what is on Allison's schedule every day:

#1 – Learn what happened overnight

Learn what happened overnight. This is a critical first task each day. Get up to speed! Allison starts with her email and voicemail inboxes and addresses any urgent matters with her current contracts. Next is the MLS to check for new and withdrawn listings, reduced prices or other changes in status. It's a seller's market where Allison is, and she checks the hot list and calls as early as possible for listing opportunities. And of course, she promptly submits to her office any listings or closings she's transacted.

#2 – Demonstrate thoughtfulness

Demonstrate thoughtfulness. Allison sends out notes to past clients – thank you cards, best wishes, birthday greetings and so on. Maintaining a presence in past clients' lives sometimes leads to new business. "If they bought a house when their child was an infant, then they might be looking to move as the child turns 5 and school choices become a priority," she illustrates.

#3 – Cultivate connections

Cultivate connections. Every week, Allison attends meetings and events to grow and strengthen her business network. She establishes relationships with builders' agents through regular new construction site visits, and networks with other real estate professionals at her agency's semi-monthly office meetings, as well as the monthly luncheons of her local real estate association.

Allison also connects with the guests and speakers at these meetings – builders, inspectors, appraisers and attorneys with whom she may be working on future transactions. "It really helps to know who you're talking to," she says. Allison has found that a relationship with the person "across the table" can improve negotiations and simplify the closing process.

#4 – Play your part, plus

Play your part, plus. Don't be afraid to dive in and learn new territory – it can lead to new sales. Allison took the time to learn the complexities of selling an estate – finding death certificates and wills, coordinating the many sign-offs required of multiple-heir-owners and so on. Allison's familiarity with these intricacies and her follow-up have ensured a smoother and more expedited process than otherwise might have occurred.

She oversees the entire process, ensuring that all tasks are completed by all stakeholders, clearing any impediments that arise by contacting other professionals involved in the process and more. This may seem like going above and beyond, but Allison has seen greater satisfaction among her clients – who then serve as her marketing team through their referrals.

#5 – Learn the community

Learn the community. Though Allison's business extends to several counties, she's made a point of knowing her own small city and its adjacent communities. Two of her recent transactions illustrate the value of this knowledge:

  • In one case, Allison recognized that a home that had been pulled off the market was still vacant, and she was able to broker a deal for her buyers well below the last asking price.
  • In the other, Allison's diligent inquiries to other local brokers uncovered a homeowner who thought his house would not be ready to sell for another six months. Both Allison's buyer and the seller enjoyed the benefits of an early transaction.

#6 – Love what you do

Love what you do. Allison appreciates the balance she's been able to maintain as she sets reasonable limits on her work and non-work hours. Yet Allison continues to thrive in her chosen profession because she truly loves helping her clients. "You have to love people, and you have to have patience," she advises anyone looking to make a career of real estate.

Linda Allison's proactive and thorough attention to these 6 daily "musts" have earned her recognition as one of the top performers at her agency in one recent month. "That made me feel good!" she laughs.

These 6 daily "musts" don't make it any easier to predict how or when a deal will come together, she notes. But with her steady completion of these daily essentials, Allison is confident that her business will continue to be successful.

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