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Be a Housing Industry Expert

We have the mortgage solutions, research, and the handy tools you need to be a housing industry expert.

Find a Mortgage That Matches Your Clients' Needs

Have clients who are first-time homebuyers? Of modest means? Need down payment or closing cost assistance? Are self-employed? Have credit that is less than perfect? Looking to purchase a home in a high-cost or rural location? Through our lender network, Freddie Mac offers flexible mortgage options that are tailored to the needs of your clients – and help you sell more homes.

Here are just a few of the flexible Freddie Mac mortgage options available through our lenders:

  • Home Possible® mortgage – Offers flexible credit terms and low down payments of as little as 3 percent. Ideal for first-time and low- and moderate-income homebuyers, those purchasing homes in urban and rural communities, and repeat homebuyers.
    Home Possible Mortgages Fact Sheet
  • Condominium Unit Mortgages/Streamlined Condo ReviewCondos sell, on average, 6 percent less than comparable stand-alone homes and offer more affordable mortgage payments and less out-of-pocket maintenance expenses. Ideal for first-time homebuyers and those with lower and/or limited incomes.
  • Affordable Seconds® – For low- and moderate-income and first-time homebuyers who are using down payment assistance from state or local sources.
  • Manufactured Homes – Provides a conventional, low-down-payment financing option for low- and moderate-income homebuyers who own land in rural communities.
  • Mortgages for 2- to 4-unit Properties – Helps your low- and moderate-income clients in urban communities increase their homebuying power by using rental income to qualify for the mortgage.

View the list of all Freddie Mac mortgage options.  

Helpful Links

Down Payment Assistance

Help clients overcome down payment barriers – here's how:

  • Start with an overview – Learn about the down payment assistance and closing cost sources your clients can apply for.
  • Find programs by state: Directory of Down Payment Assistance from HUD's website.
  • Determine eligibility: Down Payment Resource is an online tool where clients can enter in their info and find out if they are eligible.

Sell or List a Freddie Mac HomeSteps Property

Do you have clients who are interested in buying a foreclosed property? Have them search our list of available homes for sale on the Freddie Mac HomeSteps®, website. HomeSteps, which is the real estate sales unit of Freddie Mac, offers all types of homes for sale across the country.

Interested in selling HomeSteps homes? Learn more about working with HomeSteps, the requirements for becoming a listing broker, which events and conferences that HomeSteps staff will be attending, and more.

HomeSteps Resources
Sell a HomeSteps Property List a HomeSteps Property
HomeSteps Properties for Sale Working with HomeSteps
Submitting an Offer on a HomeSteps Home Requirements for Becoming a Listing Broker
Offer Submission Checklist HomeSteps Events and Conferences

Understand Freddie Mac's Foreclosure Prevention Options

Have clients who know someone on the verge of foreclosure, and they've asked you to help – but first you need to become more familiar with what the options are? Get the information you need for you – and consumer-friendly fact sheets in English and Spanish to send to clients – that describe the options available to Freddie Mac borrowers to help them succeed as long-term homeowners.

Go to the Housing Counselors Resource Center Freddie Mac Foreclosure Prevention Options section.

Latest News and Housing Market Trends

The more you know, the more you can grow – your business, that is. Freddie Mac provides the latest news, information, data, analysis, and insight across a wide range of housing and economic indicators that you can use to stand out from the competition.

Freddie Mac Publications

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