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Guide Bulletin 2011-17 Updates Post-Referral to Foreclosure Solicitation Letter Requirements

September 30, 2011

With today's Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) Bulletin 2011-17, we are updating our requirements for the post-referral to foreclosure solicitation letter. This includes the elimination of Guide Exhibit 94, Post-Referral to Foreclosure Solicitation Letter, which was the model solicitation letter, due to the many differences in applicable laws that would require a modification of the solicitation letter's content.

While the model solicitation letter has been eliminated, you must continue to provide a post-referral to foreclosure solicitation letter in accordance with the content and timing requirements set forth in Guide Sections 64.6 and 66.9.2.

In addition, we are now permitting the post-referral to foreclosure solicitation letter to be waived at the foreclosure attorney's/trustee's discretion under certain circumstances. Guide Sections 64.6 and 66.9.2 will be updated to include this new requirement in the near future.

The requirements announced today are effective immediately. It is important that you thoroughly review the details in today's Guide Bulletin to fully understand our content and timing requirements for this letter.

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