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ULDD Selling System Vendor Verification Testing Underway

October 5, 2011

If you have been considering a vendor solution, you should now contact a selling system technology vendor in order to meet the new Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) requirements.

The vendor verification process is underway, and you can find a list of vendors that have successfully completed their required ULDD import file verification testing with Freddie Mac on our ULDD Technology Vendors Web page. Verification testing is ongoing and we will update the list with additional vendors as they complete their verification testing.

On the verified vendor list, you will find the following information:

  • Company name and contact information
  • Product and release version
  • Release date

It is important that you visit the ULDD Technology Vendors Web page often for the most current information. Please continue to check our vendor list to find out when your vendor has been verified for the ULDD.

To support a smooth transition to the ULDD requirements, all vendors are required to complete verification testing with us in advance of releasing the ULDD software updates to Freddie Mac Sellers. Contact your vendor today to find out when the release that supports the loan delivery file for the ULDD will be available so you can appropriately plan for any necessary system updates.

Consider a Vendor Solution to Meet the ULDD Requirements

Under the ULDD requirements, the amount of data that you will need to provide at loan delivery will increase significantly when the selling system is updated with the ULDD-named fields. This will make manual data entry more time-consuming and we strongly encourage you to consider a vendor solution for meeting the ULDD requirements. 

To assist you with making this decision, review our preliminary and verified vendor listing, as well as our vendor selection fact sheet, to find a vendor solution that best meets your business needs.  Questions you may want to consider during discussions with potential vendors include:

  • When do you plan to complete your verification testing with Freddie Mac?
  • When will the ULDD software release be available?
  • Will I need additional software to successfully implement the ULDD release and interface with my systems?
  • Do you offer technical support and training for the ULDD release?

Get More Information

For additional information, visit our ULDD Technology Vendors Web page to review:

  • Verified vendors that have completed verification testing and their anticipated software release date for Freddie Mac Sellers. 
  • Our preliminary listing of vendors that have indicated they plan to build to the ULDD requirements and are working toward their Freddie Mac verification.
  • Our updated vendor selection fact sheet that provides additional information regarding planning critical next steps when working with your vendor on the adoption process.

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