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Updated ULDD Selling System Export Templates Now Available

November 1, 2011

Today, we have updated the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) selling system export templates for both Sellers and Document Custodians. These Implementation Guides for Selling System Export will guide you on the changes to your internal system interfaces that are needed to support the ULDD-named fields on the export layouts.

The majority of the updates are administrative or provide additional guidance on the XML layout of the export templates. We have also added several ULDD data fields that map to existing data fields on the current export templates. Please note:

  • The additional data fields will not impact your ability to export data from the selling system in January if you have already implemented the ULDD export formats based on the published March 29, 2011, export templates. In January, you will be able to use the selling system’s customization function to exclude these data points to match your implementation of the ULDD export format.
  • You may update your export templates to include the additional data fields now as you may find the data useful for your internal processes.

The updates to the export formats are detailed in the Revision Log tab of the updated export templates published on the ULDD Web page.

Preparing for the ULDD Selling System Exports

As a reminder, on January 23, 2012, all selling system exports will reflect the ULDD-named fields. It is important that your preparation for this update includes all of the following steps to help avoid any disruption to your business processes when the changes become effective in January.

  • Updating internal systems that interface with the selling system and use the export feature. This includes mapping existing data field names to their ULDD-named equivalents.
  • Preparing to export data using an Excel, .csv, or, in some cases, an XML file. You will no longer be able to export data in a .txt file.
  • Assessing impacts to other internal systems and business processes that use the data exported from the selling system. For example, you may have to plan for additional updates to your accounting, servicing, and consumer-facing systems.

When the customer test environment becomes available later this fall, you will be able to test your export files and all aspects of your loan delivery and post-funding data migration and reporting processes in preparation for the selling system updates in January.

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