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LandSafe Discontinuing Credit Services Available in Loan Prospector

LandSafe, a credit reporting company (CRC) available through Loan Prospector®, recently announced that effective February 1, 2012, it will no longer provide new merged credit reports to lenders and third-party originators. 

As a result of LandSafe’s announcement, beginning February 1, LandSafe will no longer be offered as a CRC option in Loan Prospector. LandSafe will be removed from the Loan Prospector CRC drop-down list for both system-to-system and browser access methods at a future date.

Important Information for Current LandSafe Customers

If you are currently using LandSafe as your CRC, effective February 1, you will need to follow these important steps in Loan Prospector when you select LandSafe as the CRC for:

  •  Loan Submissions Requiring New Credit 
    • If you need to order new credit, you must do so from another participating CRC or technical affiliate available through Loan Prospector.
    • If you submit a new loan, resubmit a loan with critical data changes or expired credit, or want to choose Loan Prospector’s Reorder Credit Services, you will receive the following merged credit error feedback message:
 Message Code Error Message
 126  Client is not authorized to place orders, please contact LS Close.  

  • Resubmissions – For current customers, LandSafe may grant limited access to reissue credit reports after the termination date, upon request. For resubmissions, you should:
    • Contact LandSafe customer service at 1-877-572-5673, option 5, then option 1 to make an exception request. Upon approval, you should be able to resubmit successfully in Loan Prospector without receiving the above merged credit error feedback message, or
    • Obtain a new Merged Credit Reference Number (MCRN) outside of Loan Prospector from a different participating CRC or technical affiliate, or
    • Order new merged credit within Loan Prospector from a different participating CRC or technical affiliate and resubmit.

    Note: For customers who do not request an exception from LandSafe, access to reissuing credit reports into Loan Prospector will no longer be available beginning February 1.

Review the LandSafe announcement and contact the LandSafe customer service with further questions at 1-877-572-5673, option 5, then option 1.

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