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More Tools to Help You Understand Your Incentives and Performance

August 1, 2012

To help you better understand the incentives you receive for non-Home Affordable Modification program (HAMP)/Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) workouts, you now have access to a new report in Incentive ManagerSM.

  • The Drilldown on Pending Payment Loans Report lists loans for which workout incentive payments are pending.

You will also find that three existing reports have been enhanced to provide additional information:

  • The Drilldown on Paid Loans Report has been updated to include ACH payment information.
  • The Drilldown on Ineligible Loans Report now includes all applicable reasons why a loan is not eligible for workout compensation.
  • The Drilldown on Hold Loans Report now displays:
    • The date a repurchase was closed or waived
    • The status of a repurchase – open, waived, or closed
    • The status of a credit enhancement
    • All applicable reasons why compensation is on hold

To help you better understand your servicing performance, you can access downloadable reports that provide loan-level detail about all the performance measurements in your Freddie Mac Servicer Success Scorecard. The reports identify:

  • Loans included in performance measurements
  • Loans excluded from the performance measurements
  • Reasons for exclusion

You can access reports for the following Investor Reporting and Remitting, and Default Management performance criteria:

  • Shortage Percentage
  • Custodial Account Review Score (New)
  • Percentage of Aged Applied Transaction in Error Greater than 60 Days
  • Percentage of Transactions in Error
  • Average Days to Report Payoffs
  • Early Collections Roll Rate
  • Late Collections Roll Rate
  • D60+ Workout to D60+ Inventory
  • D90+ Loans Past Foreclosure Referral Standard
  • Mortgage Inventory Past Standard
  • Initial EDR Edits
  • Sixth Business Day EDR Edits
  • Accuracy of Due Date of Last Paid Installment (DDLPI) Reporting
  • Average Number of Days to Report Foreclosure Sales (New)

Get More Information

  • Attend the Servicing Success Program webinar and download the Servicing Success Program Reference Guide to help you understand the updates to your Servicer Success Scorecard. 
  • Direct questions to your Freddie Mac representative.

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