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New Functionality and Guide Archiving through AllRegs

January 28, 2013

To help you reference and keep track of the updates to the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide), Freddie Mac is adding a new AllRegs® functionality that makes historical Guide changes available. In addition, we are implementing other enhancements to the Guide for your added convenience.

AllRegs Inline Revision History

The new AllRegs "inline revision history" feature allows Seller/Servicers to "show" or "hide" past and future revisions within a Guide section, form, exhibit, directory or the glossary to help you keep track of the Guide changes we announce. This functionality will be active beginning with Guide changes published and/or effective on and after January 1, 2013, giving you the ability to review Guide changes made throughout the year directly in line with the current information. At the start of 2014, all 2013 revisions will then be archived into a 2013 inline revision folder.

Additional AllRegs Updates to the Current Guide

Beginning in January 2013, you will also see the following enhancements in the way Guide changes are presented:

  • Color-coded text only for recent additions. Only the most recent additions published and/or effective on and after January 1, 2013, will be color-coded (in green) in a Guide section. There will no longer be multiple-colored text within a Guide section to indicate various requirement changes announced with several Bulletins. This provides a cleaner view of the Guide's content. Seller/Servicers may use the new inline revision history functionality to view prior revisions that are also published and/or effective on and after January 1, 2013. When you use the inline revision history functionality, the changes made to the version you are viewing will maintain the green text highlighting. Additionally, minor changes (such as grammatical and formatting revisions) will no longer be color-coded.
  • Quick access to related Guide Bulletins. For Guide changes (including changes to forms, exhibits, etc.) discussed in a Guide Bulletin in 2013 and moving forward, a table at the bottom of the section will be available with links to the related Guide Bulletins. This enhancement provides you with quick access to the associated Guide Bulletins that provide background information about these changes.

Historical Guide Snapshot PDFs available on

Each year, Freddie Mac will post a snapshot of the Guide as of the date of the last Bulletin published in that year. The snapshot will be posted in a single document on For example, by the end of February we will post a snapshot of the Guide as of December 18, 2012, the date we published our last 2012 Bulletin, along with all Bulletins and Industry Letters issued in 2012, in a single PDF. We will also publish Guide snapshots for 2010 and 2011 as separate single documents. Each January, we will continue to post the previous year's Guide snapshot.

It is important to remember that these historical snapshots are being provided for your convenience only; they are not official versions of the Guide. You are responsible for complying with the official Guide and Bulletins containing specific Guide changes with corresponding effective dates, as posted on the AllRegs web site.

Accessing the Guide

The official electronic version of the Guide is offered free of charge and can be accessed at

AllRegs offers additional features by subscription. You may contact AllRegs at (800) 848-4904 for more information.

Other Resources

You may also take advantage of the following resources so you can be aware when we announce changes to the Guide:

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