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QCIM – Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Control

January 27, 2015

Are you using Quality Control Information Manager (QCIM) to help manage your Quality Control (QC) performing and non-performing loan requests from Freddie Mac? If not, we encourage you to look into this secure, web-based system. You’ll know exactly where a loan is in the review and remedy process, as well as the disposition of the loan file review. QCIM also makes communication easier – it allows both our organizations to easily exchange information online on remedies, loan quality trend analysis, and underwriting deficiencies.

QCIM Functions

We're continually enhancing QCIM to make the system your one-stop shop for all your quality control needs. Our latest enhancement enables you to upload complete loan files through QCIM, saving you time and effort. Below, you’ll find other examples of QCIM functions that will help you do your job with greater ease:

  • Management Reporting: Enables you to analyze your overall QC trends, and lets you:
    • Access summary data.
    • Create customizable dashboards and loan-level reports.
    • Use the Key QC Indicators to see statistics for your organization, such as loan file submissions, key data accuracy, agreement rates, and file delivery timelines.
    • See the average number of days it takes Freddie Mac to complete a file review, and the average number of days for appeal decisions.
    • See detailed deficiency data identified during the QC loan review.
  • Loan File Management: Helps you manage loan file requests and upload missing or incomplete documents and loan files.
  • Remedy Management: Allows you to upload loan files and documents for appeals and helps you manage repurchase and remedy requests.

Sign Up Today!

Regardless of the size of your organization, QCIM can help you more easily manage your QC process. And if you’re already using QCIM, talk to your management team about signing up others within your organization to expand the value and gain greater efficiency. It’s easy to sign up for QCIM - simply email

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