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Uniform Closing Dataset Split Disclosure Guidance and Other Updates

April 7, 2015

To support lenders' implementation of the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) are providing implementation guidance regarding "split disclosures" in an update to Appendix H: UCD Delivery Specification. A split disclosure refers to a purchase transaction in which the lender provides a "Borrower-only" and "Seller-only" view of the closing information in two separate Closing Disclosure forms. We have also updated Appendix I: UCD Delivery Specification, which is identical to Appendix H, but in Excel format for easier sorting and organizing.

UCD Split Disclosure Guidance

Appendix H: UCD Delivery Specification has been expanded to provide guidance on creating the UCD XML file when the Closing Disclosure is presented as two documents - a "Borrower-only" and "Seller-only" view of the closing information, which may be required by some jurisdictions and upon the request of either party. In cases where the Closing Disclosure is presented as two separate documents – one to the Borrower and one to the Seller – the GSEs will require delivery of both documents along with the UCD. Appendix H now contains specific information on how to create the UCD XML file to support split disclosures and embed the associated documents.

Updates to Sample Use Cases and XML Files

The GSEs have also updated Appendix F: UCD Sample Use Cases to include a new sample Use Case for split disclosures. We are also publishing Appendix G: UCD Sample XML Files with a corresponding sample XML file for the split disclosure Use Case. Other Use Cases and sample XML files have also been updated to reflect UCD Map and Specification changes, which were published on February 24, 2015.

Future UCD Specification Communications

In the future, the GSEs plan to provide updates to the UCD Delivery Specification and other resources approximately twice a year. Our next update is planned for Q3 2015. 

Additional UCD Materials

To review the updated Appendix H: UCD Delivery Specification and other resources, please visit and

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