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Doing Better Business Together With Improved Guide Design and Usability

October 28, 2015

We know how critical it is for you to  access our Guide requirements quickly. That's why we're reorganizing the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) to make it easier to locate specific information.

We listened to your feedback and we're reorganizing the Guide to be more intuitive and aligned with how you work. Please note we are not rewriting existing policies or requirements, nor are we introducing new ones at this time.

But we want to make sure there are no surprises for you and you're able to preview the new format before the reorganized Guide becomes the official Guide in March 2016.

The Reorganized Guide: Intuitive with How You Work

The redesigned Guide will feature a systematic numbering scheme and move the Guide content into three groupings:

  • Freddie Mac – Seller/Servicer Relationship has content common to both Sellers and Servicers and includes general contract terms (Series 1000 through 3000).

  • Selling includes requirements applicable to your production and daily workflow for originating, underwriting, selling and delivering eligible loans (Series 4000 through 6000).

  • Servicing includes requirements related to servicing mortgages for Freddie Mac (Series 7000 through 9000). 

Guide Bulletin 2015-19 shows how chapters and sections will be numbered within a series. 

Getting Ready

As we transition to the new Guide format, start with the following resources to help you become familiar with the reorganized Guide.

  • A preview site hosted by AllRegs® includes a table of contents based on the new Guide format. This table of contents provides a limited view at this time, but you'll have access to an interactive copy of the new full Guide before March 2016.

  • Preliminary Guide Reorganization Mapping spreadsheet. Use this resource to determine where current Guide content will be located in the reorganized Guide. The multi-tab spreadsheet provides a description of the series under the redesigned Guide and a listing of topics within the series.

In early 2016, the AllRegs preview site will expand to include all Guide content in addition to the table of contents. We'll also offer webinars on the redesigned Guide.   

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