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Freddie Mac UCDP Proprietary Messages Coming February 10

December 12, 2016

Beginning February 10, 2017, 113 new Freddie Mac specific messages will be added to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®). These messages are generated by Loan Collateral Advisor®, which is part of Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite®. Loan Collateral Advisor analyzes appraisal reports submitted to Freddie Mac in UCDP and provides Freddie Mac’s view of the appraisal's quality and risk. It's a valuable tool to help you manage and address appraisal issues earlier in the underwriting process, and ultimately provide you with greater certainty about the quality of the appraisals.

At the onset, the new messages will be strictly warnings and will not affect a "successful" submission status when submitting through the UCDP. Instead, they will offer clear and actionable feedback that provides greater insight into the quality and accuracy of the appraisals you're submitting. This feedback includes Loan Collateral Advisor valuation and appraisal quality risk scores to help you identify problem areas and focus your quality control efforts. To better explain the risk scores and how they apply to the appraisals you are submitting, we created this helpful risk score reference.

For more information about the UCDP, including training and resources, visit the UCDP web page on

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