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We're Making It Easier for You to Reset Your Password

March 30, 2017

Starting April 29, we’ll begin introducing a new password reset capability for Single-Family customers who access our tools through our website. This improved, self-service feature allows you to better manage your password and access to Freddie Mac tools.

We'll deploy the new capability in three phases:

  • Phase one: April 29, 2017:
    • Mortgage Insurance Access System
      (MI Access)
    • Default Fees Appeal System
    • Service Loans
    • F&I Falcon
    • Alternative Collateral Deal Data Collection System
    • Workout Prospector®
    • Dealer Direct
    • Trade Capture
    • Institutional Eligibility
    • Service Performance Profiles (users who have multiple tool access)*
  • Phase two: May 12, 2017:
    • Loan Selling Advisor®


  • Phase three: June 25, 2017 for Loan Advisor Suite® tools:
    • Loan Product Advisor®*
    • Loan Collateral Advisor®
    • Loan Quality Advisor®
    • Loan Closing Advisor®
    • Loan Coverage Advisor®
    • Business Intelligence

What to Expect

Beginning the day after migration, when you log in to a Freddie Mac tool, you'll be redirected to a Customer Access Administration web page to update your security profile by setting up login security questions. This will allow you to reset a forgotten password or retrieve your user ID, at any time, without having to call Freddie Mac Customer Support.

Please note: Only users of Service Performance Profiles who are also provisioned for any of the other tools listed above, will be prompted to update their security profile. Users provisioned solely for Service Performance Profiles will be included in a Q4 security profile update.

If you're a Loan Product Advisor desktop-to-web or web-to-web customer, when you log in, a modal window will appear with an alert to set up security questions. Once you've read the alert, click the "OK" button, then you'll be redirected to the Customer Access Administration web page to update your security profile by setting up login security questions.

The security profile update is a one-time process, but you'll be able to modify your information, once it's entered, at any time. Also, if you've updated your profile for a tool during one phase, you won't need to do it again for a different tool in a later phase. However, if you have multiple user IDs, you'll have to update your profile for each ID.

For more information, check out our Security Profile and Password Reset tutorial or contact the Customer Support Contact Center (800-FREDDIE).

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