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Whats New with Loan Advisor Suite

December 6, 2017

We're committed to consistently improving Loan Advisor Suite® to help you do better business, including integrating Loan Selling Advisor®, formerly the Freddie Mac Selling System®, into the Suite. Here's a look at recent and upcoming improvements.

Introducing Loan Selling Advisor®

Loan Selling Advisor® will be fully integrated into the award-winning Loan Advisor Suite on Monday, December 11. Loan Selling Advisor offers the same functionality and reliability you expect from the Selling System but with a more user-friendly interface. You'll be able to access it via single sign-on through the Loan Advisor Suite portal. Learn More.

NOTE: On December 11, the login URL and customer test environment URL are changing, so please use these links to update your bookmarks.

What Else is New with Loan Advisor Suite?

Also, look for these recent or upcoming improvements:

Loan Product Advisor®

  • Automated collateral evaluation (ACE) lets you underwrite certain loans without a traditional appraisal.
  • Calculating required reserves on a second home or investment property just got easier.
  • Aligns with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting requirements.

Loan Collateral Advisor®

The welcome page now delivers graphs with information about your appraisal submissions that you can easily access and export.

Loan Closing Advisor®

A Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Requirement status on the Loan Evaluation Summary page now indicates whether the UCD mandate is met.

Loan Coverage Advisor®

Now you can track all your representation and warranty relief (including ACE loans) for loans delivered to Loan Selling Advisor.

Quality Control Advisor®

New enhancements include making all badges filterable, so you can quickly identify trends, and a simpler User Guide that makes it easier for you to find what you need.

Business Intelligence

New dashboards coming December 8:

  • The ACE performance dashboard provides insight into your eligibility results.
  • A Collateral Representation and Warranty Relief Performance dashboard provides information on the eligibility of appraisal submissions.

Correspondent Assignment Center

The latest Loan Advisor Suite service, Correspondent Assignment Center, simplifies data sharing between correspondent lenders and their aggregators.

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