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Optional ULDD Phase 3 Data Delivery Starts Monday

February 21, 2018

Starting Monday, February 26, you can deliver Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) Phase 3 data through Loan Selling Advisor®, if you're able to do so.

Get Ready

As you prepare to deliver ULDD Phase 3 data, please consider the following resources and updates:

  • Use our Customer Test Environment (CTE) to test Phase 3 loan deliveries.
  • Export datasets will incorporate Phase 3 requirements. However, please note:
    • ULDD Phase 2 standard exports will be available as customized exports for Loan Delivery Data and Servicing Buyer. They're located at the bottom of the dataset listing.
    • Modify existing customized exports, or create new ones, to include the ULDD Phase 3 data fields you want. 
    • Regardless of your loan delivery method, if edits are made on the loan screens in Loan Selling Advisor, the loan will save as a ULDD Phase 3 loan and exports will be in ULDD Phase 3 format.
    • Deliver and clear edits on your ULDD Phase 2 loan using only our import feature to maintain the loan as ULDD Phase 2.
  • Loan Selling Advisor will be updated to accept the new data points and valid values for delivery of lender gifts and grants and appraisal desk reviews.
  • The Post-Fund Data Correction Request (DCR) Tool will be updated with the ULDD Phase 3 changes. Use the revised DCR to submit post-fund data corrections on and after February 26.
  • Data specifications will be updated to incorporate the ULDD Phase 3 Application Received Date and mandate of May 20, 2019.

For More Information

  • Visit our ULDD web page for important resources, including:
    • Updated Freddie Mac XML Data Requirements V.4.0.3 (Appendices A/D), Test Case Scenarios (Appendix B), and XML Sample Files (Appendix C).
    • Updated Implementation Guides for Loan Selling Advisor Exports for Sellers & Document Custodians.
  • Read Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Bulletins 2018-1 (ULDD Phase 3), 2017-11 (lender gifts and grants) and 2017-3 (appraisal desk reviews).
  • Review our ULDD Phase 3 and Export Your Loan Data job aids.
  • Contact your Freddie Mac representative.

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