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Celebrating Those Who RISE to the Top

May 10, 2018

In April, we kicked off our inaugural Home Possible RISE AwardsSM. Soon, I'll be announcing the winning lenders, brokers and individual originators who have shown their commitment to affordable housing by using our low down payment mortgage option.

Home Possible® mortgages are meeting a need – volume nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017. The Home Possible RISE Awards recognize those who make such numbers possible.

This kind of success is a good news story for everyone – lenders, borrowers and communities. While interest rates and home prices rose, inventory tightened, and low-income housing builds were scarce. We're proud to partner with our clients who are making a difference. Together we'll continue to foster a strong housing ecosystem to help more Americans finance their dream homes.

We're committed to helping your organization RISE to the top next year. Stay tuned for our announcement on the winners, their Home Possible success stories, and ways you can expand home ownership.

Danny Gardner
Senior Vice President, Affordable Lending and Access to Credit

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