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More Precise Pricing for Cash Servicing-Released Clients

May 14, 2018

Starting today, Loan Selling Advisor® provides new optional cash servicing-released (known as Cash-Released XChangeSM) pricing fields.

These 19 new fields:

  • Offer Cash-Released XChange clients more precise pricing when requesting a contract-level price quote or creating a contract.
  • Are located on the Loan Purchase Contract Terms and Request Freddie Mac Price Sheet screens in Loan Selling Advisor under "Additional Servicing Released Information."

NOTE: The five existing servicing-released data fields remain unchanged and are still required for all servicing-released contracts and Freddie Mac price sheets. 

Sign up for our new webinar, Enhancements for Cash-Released XChange, available May 15 through June 14, for more information on these new fields and updated screens. Make sure you’ve created an online profile before you register.

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