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Get More Data at Your Fingertips with Enhanced Business Intelligence Dashboards

July 2, 2018

On June 29, Business Intelligence updated the Loan Closing Advisor® and ACE & Collateral R&W Relief dashboards. These enhancements help you identify trends in your submissions to Loan Closing Advisor and Loan Selling Advisor℠, so you can better meet the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirements, and maximize opportunities for automated collateral evaluation (ACE) and collateral representation and warranty relief. Here’s what’s changed:

Loan Closing Advisor Dashboard

The previous Loan Closing Advisor dashboards are consolidated into one summary providing a high-level look at your Loan Closing Advisor activity, including the following drill-down dashboards:

Submission Results Dashboard: offers results for all three services (General Info, Data Quality and Eligibility).

  • Volumes of results
  • Percentage of loans impacted by critical messages
  • Message codes and descriptions for all messages

UCD Requirement Dashboard: shows percentage of submissions where the UCD mandate was satisfied during a selected date range.

  • Filterable, loan-level grid
  • Six-month trend

Closing with Red Status Dashboard (available July 7, 2018): provides percentage- and count-based metrics for loans that have critical messages for the three services.

  • Closed – loans with closing dates in the last 60 days
  • Closing – loans that will close in the next 15 calendar days; presenting an opportunity for corrections prior to closing

ACE & Collateral R&W Relief Dashboard

The dashboard allows for analysis of all loans submitted to Loan Selling Advisor, both with ACE and when an appraisal is present. This includes the following dashboards:

  • Summary Dashboard: view of collateral rep and warranty relief eligibility for all submissions to Loan Selling Advisor – with ACE, where an appraisal is present and both of them combined.
  • Reason Level Drilldown Dashboard (ACE and Appraisal): provides the details of each not eligible reason – by percentage and count – as well as overlapping and trend grids.
  • Eligible at Some Point in History Dashboard (ACE and Appraisal): looks at eligibility fall out – by percentage and count – with details of why loans lost eligibility, including overlaps and trends.

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