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Greater Insight into Loan Quality with New Business Intelligence Dashboards

August 28, 2018

Additional Information. An updated design. The Loan Quality Advisor® Business Intelligence dashboards now tell you even more about the quality of the loans you’re submitting, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities for process improvements.

The new dashboards provide a high-level overview of your Loan Quality Advisor activity and detailed information about submission results for purchase eligibility, risk assessment and comparison to Loan Product Advisor submissions. Here’s what’s new:

Loan Summary dashboard gives you a high-level view of your Loan Quality Advisor activity.

  • Submission Results Summary – provides submission results for the three Loan Quality Advisor services (Purchase Eligibility, LPA Data Compare and Risk Assessment).
  • Top non-green messages – displays most often received non-green messages for the three Loan Quality Advisor services, including message code, description and percent of loans impacted.
  • First time quality – shows you how many of your initial submissions received a green status for each applicable Loan Quality Advisor service.

Submission Results dashboard offers insight into results from each of the three Loan Quality Advisor services.

  • Daily trend – colored submission results for a selected date range.
  • Category and message grid – displays aggregated messages, with count and percentage, for the Loan Quality Advisor services in a selected date range.
  • Six-month trend – provides trends for colored submission results, including volume, percentage and first vs last submission result percentage.

For More Information

  • Visit the Business Intelligence web page.