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Enhanced Relief Refinance Reminder and Loan Product Advisor Updates

August 31, 2018

Reminder: Enhanced Relief Refinance Mortgage Available November 1

Last year we announced our high loan-to-value refinance offering, Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance® Mortgage, would be available this fall.

We're reminding you that Enhanced Relief Refinance is effective for mortgages with application received dates on and after November 1, 2018. Requirements for this new offering were announced in Single-Family Guide Bulletin 2017-17 and 2018-8. The offering builds on the success of the Home Affordable Refinance Program® (HARP).

Loan Product Advisor® and Loan Quality Advisor® will be updated effective October 27, 2018, with these changes. Click here for an updated list of Loan Product Advisor feedback messages related to Enhanced Relief Refinance. 

HARP Retirement Reminder

Freddie Mac Relief Refinance MortgageSM – Same Servicer and Open Access will retire effective December 31, 2018. Relief Refinance Mortgages with an application date on or before December 31, 2018 must have a Freddie Mac settlement date on or before September 30, 2019

For More Information

  • Visit the Enhanced Relief Refinance web page.
  • Read the Enhanced Relief Refinance FAQs.

Additional Loan Product Advisor Feedback Message Updates

  • Loan Product Advisor will be updated to align with the following requirement changes announced in Guide Bulletin 2018-13:
    • Credit report inquiries – effective September 9, 2018
    • No cash out requirements – effective October 27, 2018
    • Student loans – effective November 1, 2018
  • We will be retiring and, in some cases, updating Loan Product Advisor feedback messages related to Credit Fees in Price.

Click here for feedback messages related to these updates.