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Loan Selling Advisor - Enhancements and Expanded Hours

November 2, 2018

New Purchase Statement Data Export Capability

In response to client feedback, effective December 10, you’ll see several new data elements added to the Summary Data MISMO 3.0 export dataset, allowing you to create your own customized exports with data available on the Loan Purchase Statement for your Cash or Guarantor loans. Visit Freddie Mac’s Learning Center on November 15 for more information on how to create a customized export using the new Loan Purchase Statement data attributes.

Loan Selling Advisor® Enhancements

Beginning December 3, you’ll see the following enhancements in Loan Selling Advisor:

  • When taking out a Mandatory Cash Contract, if the Master Commitment (referred to in the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) as Pricing Identifier Terms, see Guide Bulletin 2017-10) remaining balance is lower than the contract amount, you’ll receive a new message explaining that the contract amount exceeds the remaining Master Commitment balance, providing you with clearer and actionable messaging.
  • When searching for loans to add to a Mandatory Cash Contract, Loan Selling Advisor will display loans with eligible maturity dates that match the contract product selected, improving the ease of allocating loans to a contract. Loans that do not match the contract product selected will no longer display.

Expanded Cash Operating Hours

Effective Monday, November 5, our Mandatory, Best Efforts and WAC ARM Cash Contract execution hours will now start at 8:15 AM ET. Closing hours will remain unchanged. For a complete schedule, including holiday hours, visit our online listing.

Expanded 20-Year Specified Attributes Eligible for Cash Specified Payups

Effective Monday, November 5, our 20-year Cash Specified Payups grid will be expanding to include super conforming, State of NY, Investment, and FICO® < 700. The 30-year and 15-year Cash Specified Payups grids remain unchanged.

The expanded 20-year cash specified payup grid will be available in both the standard PDF and XML formats from the Loan Selling Advisor Cash Rate Sheet screen, when this change becomes effective on November 5.

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