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Freddie Mac Loan Advisor - The Edge You Need for Speed, Efficiency and Results

November 9, 2018

We're listening to your feedback and making changes that deliver speed, efficiency and results. We're enhancing Freddie Mac Loan Advisor℠ to provide the value you need to give you an edge - The Freddie Edge℠.

  • Automated Income and Asset Assessment: Fewer documents. Reduced time to close. Better client experience. We leverage data from third-party service providers so you can automate manual processes to more efficiently assess borrower capacity and get them qualified faster. These services will be broadly available next month.
  • LoanBeam: It’s now easier for you to underwrite self-employed borrowers. We’ve integrated LoanBeam’s solution into Loan Product Advisor® to simplify the complicated, manual process of assessing self-employed borrower income. This solution will be broadly available early next year.
  • ACE Expansion: Our automated collateral evaluation (ACE) appraisal waiver lets you originate certain loans without obtaining an appraisal. And now it’s available for condo unit loans too, so you can help even more borrowers save money and get to closing faster.
  • Condo Project Advisor℠: Now it’s easier to grow your condo business. The newest Loan Advisor tool lets you request unit-level condo waivers for existing condo projects that need special review or consideration.
  • Loan Collateral Advisor®: Collateral QC and underwriting just got easier. We simplified our risk scoring, provided a transparent collateral rep and warranty relief threshold and made changes to increase collateral rep and warranty relief eligibility rates.

Loan Advisor is available to you, exactly where and how you need it – helping you get the most out of every loan to grow your business.

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