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Fraud Prevention Toolkit

With the rise in mortgage fraud, it is no surprise how daunting a task it may be for you to protect your business and your borrowers from falling prey to fraudulent activity. However, Freddie Mac is here to help. Though mortgage fraud may never be eliminated, it can be mitigated through increased awareness and education of both your staff and your borrowers.

What's in the Kit

Freddie Mac has included everything you need to easily communicate important information about mortgage fraud to staff and borrowers with our online fraud prevention toolkit. Just download the materials, available in English and Spanish, and customize them with your own contact information and logo. We've done the layout and design, and we provide instructions to customize and print your materials.

  • To help educate yourself and your staff, the toolkit contains a fraud prevention fact sheet and fraud prevention best practices documents.
  • To help your borrowers and potential homeowners the toolkit includes a fraud prevention:
    • Brochure
    • Statement stuffer
    • Flyer
    • Presentation(s)
    • Tip sheet

    Use the materials to:
    • Create presentations for conferences and speaking events.
    • Post or distribute in your lobby, at home fairs and community events.
    • Distribute during conferences, speaking events and customer meetings.
    • Run ads in local papers and magazines.
    • Include in mailings to your customers.

For You and Your Staff

Preventing Mortgage Fraud Best Practices

For Borrowers and Potential Homeowners

Fraud Brochure

"Shut the Door on Mortgage Fraud
Educate Yourself – Mortgage Fraud 101"

Fraud Brochure

"Beware! Avoid Mortgage Fraud"


Fraud Brochure

"Beware! Avoid Mortgage Fraud"

Statement Stuffer

Fraud Brochure

"Shut the Door on Mortgage Fraud"

Educational Presentation

Fraud Brochure

"Mortgage Fraud Prevention Tips"

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