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Quality Control Information Manager – Now with New Management Reporting Function

Important Update

Review Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Bulletin 2015-7 for the requirements on electronic submissions of postfunding QC review documentation effective October 1, 2015. Use QCIM to easily upload files and ensure your compliance with our electronic file delivery requirements.

With Quality Control Information Manager (QCIM), you can easily manage your post-funding QC process, including monitoring loan file submissions and file review status. You’ll gain greater transparency into our Quality Control (QC) process by knowing where a loan is in the loan file review and remedy processes.

And now, QCIM includes a powerful new function called Management Reporting to help you analyze your overall QC trends, identify issues with your loan file submissions, and create customizable and loan-level reports for analysis.

With QCIM, you can access the information you need on your QC loan files, from outstanding file requests to the review status and closed repurchases on loans, and more…

  • Easy tracking: Find out the status of pending and incomplete loan file requests, including missing and incomplete document requests, and appeals that are pending.
  • Provide documents online: Simply upload complete loan files, any missing documents, incomplete documents, appeals and additional documents.
  • See outstanding requests: View outstanding missing and incomplete document requests, request dates, and upload history.
  • Create customizable reports: Run basic, detailed reports, or customizable reports on your file review and repurchase status, loan file deficiencies , or outstanding aged remedies.
  • Manage access: You can assign users roles for File Management and Remedy Management to ensure that the right staff members have the right access.
  • Identify issues: Use the QC Key Indicators to identify issues with your loan file submissions to improve file completeness and ultimately shorten your file review timeline.
  • View QC timelines: See the average number of days it takes Freddie Mac to complete a file review, and the average number of days for appeal decisions.

By using QCIM, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Improve your QC process by accessing summary data to help you identify and correct loan manufacturing process deficiencies.
  • Save time by easily submitting missing, incomplete, and appeal documentation to Freddie Mac, plus you can expedite the remedy process by providing and receiving comments in the tool.
  • Ensure privacy by keeping personal and private information secure by avoiding emailed spreadsheets.
  • Eliminate data reconciliation errors caused by managing multiple versions of spreadsheet reports.
  • Manage repurchase late fees by tracking the number of days the repurchase request has been outstanding.

Training Resources

More Information

  • To sign up for QCIM, send an email to
  • For technical support, call (855) 748-4784.
  • For more information, contact your Freddie Mac representative.

Sample QCIM Screens

See what QCIM and the new Management Reporting function looks like by viewing sample screen shots.


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