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Quality Control Information Manager

Quality Control Information Manager (QCIM) is a complete end-to-end system for managing your Quality Control (QC) post-funding process. With this secure, web-based system, your QC management process is:

  • More transparent – Get greater transparency into the status of the review of a loan throughout the loan file review and remedy processes.
  • Quicker – Upload documents online, such as complete loan files, missing documents, incomplete documents and appeals and additional documents.
  • Easier – Access, view and download monthly QC sample file requests. More simply track statuses and easily identify outstanding requests.

Important Updates

Reminder: Upgrade Internet Explorer

Work with your internal Information Technology team now to upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or newer by June 1, 2017. Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for IE versions older than version 11.

QCIM is Becoming Quality Control AdvisorSM

This June, QCIM will officially become part of Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite®, our award-winning loan production solution, and get a new name: Quality Control AdvisorSM. No change to familiar functionality – just the same great experience you expect for managing your post-funding QC process. You'll notice a fresh feel to Quality Control Advisor that aligns with the modern look of Loan Advisor Suite. Also, you'll be able to access it through single sign-on to the Loan Advisor Suite portal. Look for more details soon.

Key QCIM Features

Management Reporting

Manage overall QC data with flexible reports and individualized dashboards to help you identify and correct loan manufacturing process deficiencies.

  • Upload up to 20 documents/loan files at one time, when using Internet Explorer 10 or above. Include documents for different loan numbers during the same upload, and view the status of the documents you’ve uploaded through the Document Upload Log. NEW!
  • Get immediate feedback on the status of your loan originations with the Deficiency Results tab. NEW!
  • Get an even more in-depth view of loan status from the Summary chart, available through the Review Results tab. NEW!
  • Customize dashboards give a view of loan file deficiencies, QC loan file sample trending and the loan file review pipeline.
  • Enhanced reporting illustrates the Top 5 Deficiencies, Top 10 Missing Documents and Missing Document Rate.
  • Detailed deficiency information includes Top 5 Deficiencies, detailed Deficiency Category and Deficiency Trending information. Track and analyze QC trends to pinpoint and correct deficiencies you’ve identified in your loan manufacturing process.
  • Loan Review Summary for both Performing Loans (PL) and Non-performing Loans (NPL) includes QC loan review acceptance rates, Remedy data, and deficiency trending.
  • QC Key Indicators identify issues with your loan file submissions to improve file completeness and ultimately shorten your file review timeline.
  • QC timelines show the average number of days it takes Freddie Mac to complete a file review, as well as the average number of days for appeal decisions.

Loan File Management

Manage loan file and document requests.

  • Track status of loan file requests to determine what loans are pending or incomplete.
  • See detail on pending file requests and missing documents, including incomplete document requests, due dates and upload history.
  • Upload loan files and missing documents to verify receipt that Freddie Mac received your submitted documents, and track the status of the request to ensure that the request was fulfilled.

Remedy Management

Manage the remedy requests and appeals process.

  • Monitor your remedy pipeline by easily tracking the status of your remedies.
  • Upload and track status of pending appeals.
  • Manage repurchase late fees by tracking the number of days the repurchase request has been outstanding.
  • Request, track and view loss statements and view your month-end Remedy Management reports.

The QCIM Sign-up Process

To sign up your company for QCIM, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Seller/Servicer Officer Certification and Appointment of Customer Administrator Form to designate your Administrator.
  2. The form must be signed by an Officer of the Seller/Servicer (Assistant Vice President or higher rank or other equivalent Officer title) who is authorized to approve a Customer Administrator.
  3. Attach the signed form to an email and send to the QCIM mailbox.
  4. Once your Administrator is set up in QCIM, he/she will approve additional QCIM users as needed.

Note: If you are a new QCIM user in your company, you can request your own ID and password by sending an email to the QCIM mailbox or by logging into QCIM and click the "New User" link.

Training Resources

More Information

Access QCIM

If you are a current user, access QCIM here. To sign up for QCIM, follow these steps.

Sample QCIM Screens

See what QCIM and the new Management Reporting function looks like by viewing sample screen shots.



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