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Get details on our pricing, sales options, delivery requirements, document custody, selling system and more.

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Choose a cash or securities execution for your mortgages, or explore a bulk sale of mortgages you're currently holding in your portfolio.

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Watch Video Freddie Mac's Reorganized Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide

Learn more about the Reorganized Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide


Access the various indices and delivery fee information to help you choose the execution that matches your business objectives.

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Index Values

Guarantor and MultiLender Swap

Product Delivery

When you deliver mortgages to Freddie Mac, you're delivering loan data through our systems, with other documentation and information that we require. By delivering accurate data and information, you can ensure smooth completion of your Freddie Mac sale transaction.

Refer to Guide Chapter 6302 for delivery instructions for Mortgage Data Delivery Requirements.

Document Custody

Important Updates

July 15, 2015 - In Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) Bulletin 2015-12 we announced the following Freddie Mac Selling SystemSM updates that impact Document Custodians:

    • Certification up to five borrowers. You’ll be able to view and certify up to five borrowers on a mortgage, effective August 31, 2015. We’re updating Form 1034E, Custodial Certification Schedule, generated from the Selling System, to capture the additional borrowers.

      Please start certifying all borrowers as soon as you’re operationally able to do so. Effective March 1, 2016, you are required to certify up to five borrowers on the note, if applicable.

  • New export dataset. We’re introducing a new Selling System export dataset, including the additional borrower fields, which you can customize to match your needs.

We updated the Document Custody Procedures Handbook to reflect the changes related to expanding the number of borrowers as well as other information.

Tools and Resources

Seller/Servicer Resources

  • Get Started – Find the information and forms you need to establish a relationship with the Designated Custodian or with another Document Custodian.
  • Execution of Legal Documents – Learn about preparing documents for Freddie Mac's signature.

Help & Training

Whether you're new to Freddie Mac or a frequent seller – you will find solutions that meet all your training needs here. Let us help you manage your pipeline whether you sell to us for cash or swap for securities.

Upcoming Training Events

Selling & Delivery training is offered in convenient, self-study tutorials available online 24/7.

Training for this topic is offered in convenient, web-based self-study resources. There are no training events scheduled at this time. Please view a complete list of training events on other topics of interest.

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