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Freddie Mac Lender Agent Registration Process

Lender agents are third-party entities (such as Appraisal Management Companies or Outsource Providers) that can upload appraisals on the lender’s behalf to the UCDP. If a lender chooses to work with a lender agent, the lender agent must complete the UCDP lender agent registration process to request a UCDP account and to appear on the lender agent list in UCDP. The lender agent list allows lenders to identify and authorize lender agents to upload appraisals to UCDP.

Lender agents must complete the UCDP Lender Agent Registration Form to request a UCDP account and appear on the lender agent list in the UCDP.

The same form is available on both the and Each company should complete only one UCDP lender agent registration form on one of the GSEs’ websites.

Registration Resources

For additional assistance with completing your registration process, please contact the UCDP Support Center (800-917-9291)

Additional Resources

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