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Sell for Cash

Cash Execution Options to Meet All of Your Business Needs

Freddie Mac's Cash execution options, available through Loan Selling Advisor®, increase your liquidity, so you'll have funds to offer more mortgages to more of your borrowers. Our highly competitive servicing-released or servicing-retained Cash executions offer mandatory or best efforts contract options.

Best Efforts Commitment Option

When you choose our best efforts commitment option, you have more flexibility in hedging your pipeline and managing risk. With our best efforts commitment option for your servicing-released and servicing-retained cash sales, you'll reduce your exposure to interest rate fluctuations in the market.

Learn more about our Best Efforts Commitment Option.

Servicing-Retained or Servicing-Released Cash Execution Options

With Freddie Mac's servicing-released or servicing-retained Cash execution options, you receive top securities-market prices for your loans, whether you sell one loan or one hundred loans, and can better manage your servicing asset to help increase your profitability. The cash servicing-released execution is available only to Sellers that Freddie Mac has approved to this sale option.

  • Choose a servicing-released sale option, when mortgage servicing is not your core capability. Maximize your servicing-released premiums with multiple buyers bidding for your servicing.
  • Use a servicing-retained sale option, that lets you retain your borrower relationships and hold the value of your servicing asset.

Weighted Average Coupon (WAC) Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) Execution

Freddie Mac's Weighted Average Coupon ARM Cash execution lets you deliver ARMs with various margin and cap structures in a single, flexible contract that's not limited by tight contracting terms. With this exceptional servicing-retained cash execution, you can reduce your exposure to interest rate fluctuations and the corresponding changes in ARM pricing on your ARMs that have not yet closed.

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