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ULDD Technology Vendors

The selling system vendors listed below are verified for the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) import file testing with Freddie Mac. The current ULDD release version is FRE 3.3.0, which corresponds to the ULDD Phase 2 specification and addenda issued through 1Q 2014.

All vendors must have their interface verified by Freddie Mac. We will update this listing as vendors complete their 3.3.0 verification testing with Freddie Mac. Please check this site or contact your vendor to find out if your vendor is verified for the release.

Freddie Mac is not endorsing any particular vendor and makes no representations or warranties regarding the suitability or performance of any vendor technology solution. Each Seller must perform its own due diligence and make its own business decision regarding which vendor best meets their needs.

For additional information on the ULDD requirements, visit the Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset Web page.

Verified Selling System Technology Vendors
CompanyVendor Products

Latest Freddie Mac ULDD Release Version

Accenture Mortgage Cadence
Loan Fulfillment Center

Enterprise Lending Center
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 1.0.4

PowerLender v.3.0

FRE 1.0.4

FRE 3.3.0
Black Knight Financial Services
EMPOWER for Client Server v.31.23


InHouse Mortgage v.12.8.2

Lending Space 3.0 and 4.0
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 3.3.0

FRE 2.0.0

FRE 2.0.0
Blueberry Systems, LLC
Relay v.2.0 FRE 1.0.4
Byte Software
BytePro Enterprise v.7.2 FRE 3.3.0
Calyx Software
Point Build Number 1514.218

PointCentral v.7.4

FRE 2.0.0

FRE 1.0.4

FRE 3.3.0
Freddie Mac Arta Lending v.
FRE 2.0.0
Compass Analytics, LLC
FRE 2.0.0
Creative Thinking
Creative Visions v. FRE 1.0.4



Enterprise LOS v.
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 3.3.0

FRE 2.0.0
Direct Mortgage Corporation 
DirectWare FRE 2.0.0
Ellie Mae, Inc.
Encompass360 v.

DataTrac v.11.3
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 2.0.0
eClosingNet  v.12.0 FRE 2.0.0
Loan Producer v.6.20 FRE 2.0.0
FIS Loan Origination Studio, v.12.5.2 FRE 2.0.0
EasyLender Freddie Mac Loan Delivery v.2.03.0007


UniFi PRO Mortgage v.5.2
FRE 2.0.0

FRE 1.0.4

FRE 2.0.0
FRE 3.3.0
Integra Software Systems 
DestinyLOS v. and v.
FRE 3.3.0
MORvision v.6.20

Diamond v.2.24.02
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 1.0.4
LenderLive Network
eOriginator®, Loan Origination web portal FRE 3.3.0
MDS – Mortgage Delivery Specialists 
Delivery Manager FRE 2.0.0
MIAC Analytics
Marke Shield FRE 3.3.0
Mortgage Builder
Mortgage Builder v.4.3 FRE 2.0.0
MortgageFlex Systems, Inc
LoanQuest Gupta  
FRE 3.3.0

FRE 3.3.0
Mortgage Computer
Mortgage Office v.6.10.1 FRE 2.0.0
Selling Connector – OpenClose to Freddie Mac FRE 2.0.0
PCLender, LLC


FRE 3.3.0
Wipro Gallagher Solutions
NetOxygen FRE 2.0.0
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
ComplianceOne FRE 1.0.4

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