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Here's a Tip: It's All In A Name

Clearing the confusion over security wire instructions

If you’re trying to create security wire instructions on Loan Selling Advisor® for Guarantor and MultiLender contracts and are finding the process confusing, you will now receive helpful tips on your screen that will tell you what to do.

Here is a summary of tips for the data fields that you need to enter when you are creating your wire instructions:

Data Field Name

Security Wire Instructions Name
This field is not part of the security wire instructions, but is the internal name designated by you, the Seller/Servicer, to help identify your security wire instructions. You may not use the same name more than once. Each name you use identifies one set of wiring instructions that you are assigning to your securities.

ABA Routing Number
This is your 9–digit American Banking Association (ABA)/Routing Number.

Abbreviated Bank Name
This is the receiving bank’s Telegraphic Abbreviation (Commonly referred to as Bank Short Name) associated with the ABA routing number. This name will automatically appear in this field when you enter the ABA #. The only way you can change this field is by changing the ABA #.

Third Party/FRB Sub-Account Name 
Only enter the Third Party/FRB Sub–Account name, which is usually either the account type or dealer abbreviation. Do not include any punctuation or special characters (examples: /, \, (, ), +, @, %).

Effective Date 
Enter the current date in this format: mm/dd/yyyy

Expiration Date 
Leave this field to the default option, “Indefinite,” unless there are specific reasons for entering an Expiration Date. To delete existing Security Wiring Instructions, enter an Expiration Date to inactivate the Wire Instructions and create new instructions if necessary.

Further Instructions
You may enter information that would follow the Third Party/FRB Sub-Account Name. For example: beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, or contact names and telephone numbers. Do not enter any punctuation. Do not use the Enter key at any time in this field; use only extra spaces to separate your entries.

You can make changes to the following fields before approval:

  • Security Wire Instructions Name
  • Third Party/FRB Sub Account Name
  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Further Instructions

After approval, you can only make changes to the following fields:

  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date

A more comprehensive quick reference is available online to assist you with understanding and completing security wire instructions for Guarantor and MultiLender contracts. Please see Chapter 9 of our Selling Mortgages for Securities Using Loan Selling Advisor User Guide (beginning on pg. 161) for details on the process of completing security wire instructions and provide data field descriptions. This useful resource details procedures for the following key tasks:

  • Set up security wire instructions
  • Approve security wire instructions
  • Edit a security wire instruction
  • Assign a security wire instruction

Click here for more information on Loan Selling Advisor or contact your Loan Selling Advisor representative.

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