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How to Sell Loans for Cash Servicing-Released

Increase your liquidity while selling your mortgage and servicing asset

Whether you're new to doing business with Freddie Mac or already selling loans to us for Cash Servicing-Released, you'll find the information you need to get started right on this Web page. Plus, access a variety of training resources to help you learn the process, get details on transferring your loan servicing, and more.

Get Started Selling Servicing-Released

Once you've been approved to use the Cash Servicing-Released execution, you'll need to complete a few essential steps, then you'll be ready to take advantage of this competitive execution for your cash sales. To get started:

  • Go to Doing Single-Family Business with Freddie Mac
  • Choose the Get Started Checklist, and select "servicing-released"
  • Answer the questions provided and click “Generate Checklist“
  • Complete the forms provided on the Get Started Checklist page and be sure to follow each form's individual return instructions
  • Once you receive a confirmation e-mail, allow approximately three business days for your access to the selling system to be activated so that you can start selling loans through the Cash Servicing-Released execution 

As part of our continuing efforts to promote responsible lending practices and manage our risks associated with loans sold through the Cash Servicing-Released execution, your ability to use this execution option may be withdrawn at our discretion for reasons that include:

  • Failure to sell and deliver mortgages through the execution within six months from the date you receive approval to use this sale option
  • Failure to maintain satisfactory financial condition

Servicing-Released Cash Sale Process

Refer to these resources for important details on the servicing-released cash sale process

Sell and Deliver Loans

Easily and conveniently sell your loans for cash through the selling system

  • Available Mortgages – View Freddie Mac's Selling System Availability Matrix Cash Servicing-Released and Best Efforts
  • Freddie Mac's Postsettlement Delivery Fees (Exhibit 19) – Review our matrix of loan-level price adjustments, including delivery fees and/or delivery fee credits based on certain loan attributes

Training Materials

Access these web-based training tools for step-by-step instructions on selling loans servicing-released

Additional Resources

  • AllRegs® (Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide) – Go to AllRegs to view complete Guide requirements. Plus, see these key Guide chapters before taking out loan commitments:
    • 5101 Introduction to Loan Prospector®
    • 1301.1 Submission of data to Freddie Mac
    • 1301.8 Warranties and Representations
    • 6101.7 Requirements for the Servicing-Released Sales Process
    • 3602.1 Repurchases Required by Freddie Mac
  • Guide Forms – Directly access the forms required to sell for Cash Servicing-Released, when you need to make updates to these forms
  • Guide Bulletins and Updates
  • Quality Control Best Practices
  • Selling System Resources
  • Single-Family News Center

Contact Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET. Call 800 FREDDIE [800-373-3343] and select:

  • "Underwriting" or "Loan Prospector®" to get assistance underwriting loans using Loan Prospector
  • "Delivery" to receive selling system support
  • "Delivery" to ask any questions about the setup process, including completing required forms
  • "Password" to reset your selling system user ID and passcode

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