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Servicing-Released XChange℠

More options for your business

X servicing released xchange

Finding the best outlet for the servicing contract rights for loans you sell to Freddie Mac is important to operating your business efficiently – whether you prefer to transfer servicing on all loans or only a few – or you're looking for an improved secondary market offering.

Servicing-Released XChange is our suite of executions that provide liquidity to the market, which helps maintain price stability and helps ensure that you can easily transfer servicing to another approved servicer.

Freddie Mac has the following servicing-released executions to meet customers' needs.

Cash-Released XChangeSM

Sell one, a few or many loans for cash and transfer the servicing in the same transaction. This enables you to improve liquidity by preserving capital and moving mortgages off your balance sheet quickly, allowing you to fund more mortgages.

  • Benefits
    • Competitive Pricing. Receive bids from multiple, proven Servicing Transferees using Best Efforts or Mandatory Pricing options.
    • Full Bifurcation.The Servicer purchases the servicing contract rights only with Servicing Transferee liability only for servicing representations and warranties.
    • Fast Settlement. Often within the same day as certification.

Co-Issue XChangeSM

Looking to avoid Servicing asset risk, don’t want or have a servicing operation or want increased flexibility to cover a diverse book business? Co-Issue XChange is ideal for you. Transfer servicing rights to a Servicer of your choice at the same time you sell the loan to Freddie Mac.

  • Benefits
    • Choose the Servicing Buyer you want to work with.
    • Get price certainty by negotiating terms and Servicing-Released Premium directly with the Servicer.
    • Deliver how and what you want under cash and guarantor programs, through either mandatory or best efforts commitments and through eMortgages with select Servicing Buyers.
    • Maintain a direct relationship with Freddie Mac on quality control reviews and repurchase demands. (Bifurcated transactions only.)

Correspondent XChangeâ„ 

Benefit from tri-party relationships with our approved correspondent lenders.

Freddie Automated Servicing Transferâ„ 

Saving time, simplifying servicing transfers. That’s FAST!

Which Execution is Best for You?

Contact us to find the right Servicing-Released execution for your business.

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