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Swap for Securities

Leverage Freddie Mac's Securities Execution Options to Increase Your Secondary Market Potential

Take advantage of securities executions in Loan Selling Advisor® where you receive Freddie Mac Participation Certificates (PC), widely accepted securities that are attractive to investors, to hold in your investment portfolio or sell. Reap the balance sheet and other benefits of a solid securities execution that lets you obtain Freddie Mac PCs backed exclusively by your own mortgages through our Guarantor executions. Or, leverage a smaller minimum commitment amount through our MultiLender Swap execution and receive a percentage of a PC.

  •  Choose a Fixed-rate Guarantor execution, for $250,000 or more of your fixed-rate mortgages.
  •  Leverage a WAC ARM Guarantor execution, which offers a competitive securities sale for your ARMs that adjusts based on the CMT-index or the LIBOR-index.
  •  Use our MultiLender Swap execution, with a low, $1,000 minimum commitment amount, to exchange one or more fixed-rate mortgages for a proportional percentage of a Freddie Mac PC.

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