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Technology Vendors Building Integrated Solutions to Uniform Collateral Data Portal

Updated January 23, 2013

The vendors listed below provide a vendor solution that offers an integrated system interface to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®). These vendors have completed the implementation of their solution. Freddie Mac worked with the vendors to help ensure each vendor's solution adheres to our requirements and allows for a successful submission to the UCDP.

This is not a comprehensive listing of all vendors that provide solutions that offer an integrated system interface to the UCDP. Vendors may be removed from the listing at their request or at Freddie Mac's discretion.

It is important that Sellers carefully evaluate and perform their own due diligence to determine whether or not a vendor can meet their business needs before establishing a vendor relationship. Freddie Mac is not endorsing any particular vendor and makes no representations or warranties regarding the suitability or performance of any vendor technology solution. This listing is solely intended to help Freddie Mac Sellers identify potential vendors.

For additional details on submitting appraisal data files to the UCDP, review the information on the Uniform Collateral Data Portal Web page.

*Please Note: If you are a technology provider who would like to integrate to the UCDP, the vendors designated with an asterisk below are offering a connection to the UCDP through their integrated solution. For more information, please contact the vendor directly.

Company and Contact Information Products
George Opelka, Senior Vice President
(800) 234-8727 ext. 846
a la mode, inc.*
Richard Brown
(800) 434-7260
Mercury Network
Bradford Technologies*
Guillermo Gower
(760) 212-2882
Calyx Software
Sales Department
(800) 362-2599

CBC Companies 

CoreLogic Valuation Services*
Stacy Marshall
(800) 281-6200 ext. 2328
CoreLogic Appraisal Management Services
Ellie Mae, Inc.
Sales Department
(877) 355-4362
Andy Turner
(484) 595-5441
Fiserv Lending Solutions
(800) 748-2572 ext. 4224
EasyLender® EasyAccess Version 7.06
Unifi® PRO (Version 5.2)
FNC Inc.*
David Work
(662) 236-8331
Collateral Management System
Collateral Headquarters
Global DMS, LLC*
Matthew McHale
(877) 898-2191
OASIS Valuation Management Platform
eTrac Enterprise Edition
Global Kinex WebServices
Rob Strickland
(201) 266-7704
Impact Loan Origination System
InHouse, Inc.*
Jennifer Creech, CEO
(888) 907-4507 ext. 4110
Connexions (Appraiser Vendor Management Software)
Jason Cohen
(800) 462-5545 ext. 231

Auvese Pasha
(800) 842-8423 ext. 2459


Appraisal Services
Kirchmeyer and Associates, Inc.*
Kelly A. Copani
(800) 771-5246 ext. 119
Kirchmeyer Order Management System
LenderVend LLC
Jason Sitzman
(652) 259-7400 Ext: 2503
Appraisal Fulfillment Services

Lender Processing Services (LPS)
Paula Cordeiro
(412) 299-4002

Loan Quality GatewayTM

(877) 861-3354
Enterprise LOS
MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.*
John McCrea
(800) 326-FLEX
The Residential Lending System
Prime Alliance Solutions, Inc.
Michael Murphy
(952) 229-1400
Dexma Lending Suite (DLS) - LFC
Solidifi Inc.*
Mark Pawelek, Director of Operations & Appraisal Management
(905) 739-0110
Solidifi Values
Laura Woods
(412) 494-0400 ext 8260
ValuNet xsp
Veros Real Estate Solutions, LLC*
David Rasmussen
(714) 415-6318

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